Lismore Removals

Tips and Tricks to help with your move
  • Be Prepared
    Start packing in advance. Consider packing a box a day for the month before the big move. It is essential to have quality boxes and packing tape, double tape the bottom for extra strength.
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  • Paperwork
    Remember to inform your banks, insureres, doctors, vets and any other service providers you may have of your change of address and new contact details
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  • Moving Day
    Its a good idea to keep some personal effects aside such as toiletries, wallets, medicines, snacks, a toy for the kids anything you may need in an instant or to keep the kids occupied
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  • Are there any items a removalist will not carry?
    Removalists are not allowed carry any flammables such as gas bottles or items containing fuel such as lawn mowers, these items need to be emptied of all flammable liquids/ gasses prior to being moved.
    It is against the law to carry flammables in a removal truck.
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  • Are my items insured for the removal?
    Insurance is often misunderstood in the removals industry, in general, all reputable removalists will have transit insurance which covers the entire load to a particular dollar value in the event of a rollover, fire, theft, or accident while your goods are in transit, this insurance covers whole loads and not individual items.

    Insurance for individual items are normally an optional extra and are covered by extending your home contents insurance to cover the move. In general, insurers will not cover items packed by you in cartons, unseen items such as fridge motors, internal television faults, washing machines etc... are not covered by insurance, it is a good idea to check with your insurer to see what is covered in your policy. Normally, if there is external damage to an item, it is covered provided it happened in the course of the removal.

    Generally, if an item is damaged in the course of the removal and it has been caused by the removalist, (eg: an item is dropped or falls over due to poor handling) the removalist will repair or replace the item.
    It is wise to check your removalists term and conditions and to ask questions prior to removal day.
    Removalists are trained to handle furniture and do it every day, so the likelihood of something getting damaged is very low.

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  • How much does it cost for a removal?
    There are many factors to consider and every removal is different, a removal professional will need to know where the removal is from and to, what the access is like at pickup and delivery, exactly what items are to be moved, etc... to be able to give a proper quote.
    For local removals, it is normal for an hourly rate to be charged, rather than a formal quote, hourly rates are often cheaper than a formal quote as possible complications do not need to be factored into a quote.
    Whether you wish to have a formal quote or use an hourly rate, this needs to be discussed with a removalist well in advance prior to removal day.

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  • Check List
    Change of address notification check list:
       Local Council
       Health Funds/Medicare
       Australian Electoral Commission
       Australian Tax Office
       Magazine subscriptions
       Internet service providers
       Phone service provider
       Power/Water/Gas Companies
       Financial Institutions
       Household Services
       Insurance Companies
       Baby Sitter
       Superannuation funds
       Centerlink and pension providers
       Child care Centre
       Drivers Licence
       Electoral Roll
       Electoral Roll

    you can go to this link for a Print Friendly Version of the checklist

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